Tuesday, May 29, 2007

See you in July !

upstairs master bedroom

the east bedroom

the west bedroom with one sample shade up!

the living room area and fireplace wall - see pink insulation which will be covered with yellow cedar

dining area

the dining room area and screened in porch

the kitchen area: refrigerator and range (not the new ones!) against the red wall with the sink under the windows

Dorothea painting inside the pantry

Jon, even more the daredevil, painting above the stairwell

Jon, the daredevil, once again up on the scaffolding

May, 2007

Earlier this month, Jon & I returned to McKenzie Bridge to finish the interior painting in anticipation of our plans for our next trip on June 20. At that time, we are having a work party of family and friends join us to do a couple of things: put up the yellow cedar ceilings and paint the exterior of the house! We bought a refrigerator, range and washer & dryer, so I think we are as ready as we can be.

Jon & I, Chris and his cousin Leo from Phoenix will arrive there on June 21, as well as our friends, Pam & Terry Scott. On the 23rd, Alexandra flies in to Eugene to escape New York for a few days. She will stay until the 26th. And on Sunday, the 24th, Meg, Mark and their 3 children will arrive to stay a week.

It will not be ALL work, however. Jon has a river rafting trip planned and a few hikes. And even though we'll probably all be sleeping inside, we'll still have a camp fire outside, make s'mores and marvel at the night sky filled with a million stars.

We will be back in Burbank on July 7, so soon after, expect more news and photos!

Monday, May 28, 2007

Incredibly beautiful downriver rainbow

Exterior views

First lunch on the newly completed deck

By the river below the house

Our welcoming sign and address (made by Jon with cedar from one of the trees felled for construction) for the McKenzie River Highway - Jon and Chris placed it right at the beginning of our driveway.

Jon painting primer coat in living room

Christopher painting color samples in living room, fireplace wall

Christopher in the kitchen

View of dining room from upstairs

Christopher painting the west bedroom

April 2007 - painting trip

On March 24, Jon, Chris and I drove up to do some major painting. We were successful in getting the interior of the house primed and made decisions about color choices from the many color samples we painted on the walls. The first few days were damp, cold and sometimes rainy but we accomplished alot with Chris' help. Fortunately, before Chris flew back to Burbank on March 31, we enjoyed some warm, sunny weather, with even a brief hike one afternoon. Jon and I headed home and stopped at Meg's for Easter.