Sunday, December 17, 2006

Northwest Storm

The recent wind, rain, and cold weather storm that hit Oregon and Washington did affect our neighborhood on the river. Route 126 from Eugene/Springfield was closed due to downed trees. There were power outages that are still being repaired.

We called our neighbors Ray and Carol, who have sent most of the pictures for this blog. The electricity on Drury Lane, our neighborhood, went out at 8:30 Friday night, and was still out at 10:00 Sunday morning, the last time we talked with them.
They are huddled together, with dog Christy, and valiantly trying to keep their tropical fish warm. The water temperature in the fish tank needs to stay above 70 degrees, which is tough when the air in their house is 48! They are heating water, taken from their hot tub, on the barbecue and adding it to the fish tank.

Ray and Carol have checked on all of the homes on Drury Lane, including ours, and everything is fine; fortunately there is no damage to any of them. Electricity is on at the ranger station, a mile and one half away. We expect that they will have theirs on soon. This is a record number of hours that it has been off since they have lived on the river.

We are most appreciative of Ray and Carol for keeping an eye on our house as well as those in the neighborhood. A power outage of this duration hasn't occurred on our road in 10 years, so we are hopeful we won't be experiencing the same on any of our winter visits...

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