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Oregon in January

Part 2
What is all this white stuff? And why did the furnace stop working?

(Read Part 1 of this saga below)

Intrigued family member or friend:
"So, does it snow at your place in Ore

Jon "Mountain Man" Olin
"Yea, but it usually is only a few inches ever
y so often and it melts after a few days, anyway."
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"This is why I left the east coast in t
he first place Jon! To avoid all this snow! Next time I'm staying home and you and Chris and Moh can go together."

OK, I exaggerated a little. My parents were in high spirits during our stay on the McKenzie, but this was not without a few challenges. We arrived on the McKenzie Monday, Jan 28, 2008 and got to work right away. In the event that the weather would hinder us, Dad listed the following as what was most important to get done during this trip:

1) Finish the ceiling in the Great Room.
2) Move everything from the U-Haul trailer int
o the house

Seeing as the trailer was stuck and frozen five houses away from us we saw priority number two slide up to the number one spot and simultaneously disappear from the list altogether. You see, the Toyota 4-Runner we own IS NOT four-wheel-drive. And believe me, there were ample situations where this was demonstrated (about two-dozen times). I can now say, with confidence, that I am handy at putting on tire chains, and then putting them on again, and then again, and again, and again.

Monday was spent un-packing things from the 4-R
unner (parked next to the house), having Dale and David tow our U-Haul trailer off the road (see Oregon in Jan - Part 1) as well as shuttling/trudging some items from the U-Haul to a neighbors house and all the way to our house (see Dorothea below - Terry, this is where you laugh and make a joke)

Tuesday, Jon and Christopher began working on the ceiling. They were both confident about not only finishing in the Great Room and but also being able to start in the master bed room. High up, on the scaffolding they picked up where they left on in August '07, whistling while they worked and singing to Dylan, The Beatles, Simon & Garfunkel, and some strange, funky ethno-music stuff Chris decided to play. They bonded, joked, discussed, and enjoyed really good lunches made by a fantastic chef all while watching snow fall silently outside

The Olins also had some extra company in the house for a few days as Dale and David worked on installing the railing, banister, and staircase. All parts of the staircase were built by hand and installed by the crew who have put so much care, hard work, laughter, and design into our home. And, as promised, we will showcase our superior foreman to you here (He really deserves A LOT of credit)

Speaking of snowing and the outdoors, here are some pictures of what if looked like down the road a little as well as just outside our windows:

On Tuesday morning, the Olins quickly found out that, with all this snowfall (A foot and a half the previous weekend and 2ft. more during the four days we were there), much of it had fallen off the roof and onto the ground below. And what was on the ground below? Ah yes, the heating pump, which by now was running on “emergency” mode because it was literally buried.

Chris decided to enthusiastically dig it out

He did quite well and was very happy about his accomplishment…

until it snowed over night.

On Wednesday, Dale showed up to tell us about the weather forecast for the rest of the week: more snowfall as well as the impending concern of leaving when we have the chance. Therefore, a need to empty the rest of our U-Haul became top priority and, boy, did we hop to it. The rest of the day was spent shuttling furniture and a half-a-ton of granite and tile from the trailer to the house via our 4-Runner where more digging and chain-re-application was prevalent:

One fine Thursday morning at 6am the electricity went out. The only
chipper person in the house was Mountain Man Olin because, to him, this proved to be an adventure! So, with no power to run the compressor or the other tools to complete the final 3 in. of unfinished ceiling or to run the heat pump, Mt. Man turned his attention toward the U-Haul trailer, now a solid, frozen fixture as good as any lawn ornament in front of Roger Best's house.

Electricity returned to the inhabitants of Drury Lane around midnight on Feb. 1st, Eighteen hours after the power had gone out (see the cause here). One text message to friends had read, "Snowed in, no electricity for at least 12 hours, house at 50 degrees and dropping... Donner party style." Nevertheless, the Olin family survived without eating their dog and headed back to Southern California on a gorgeous Friday morning and made it home safe, sound, and as one happy family.

For more, wild pictures of the forest, please follow this link.

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