Monday, February 11, 2008

Oregon in January

Calvin and Hobbes. By Bill Watterson - click to enlarge

I have never shoveled more snow in my life...

By Calvin's father's logic I shoul
d be a cartoon character by now, and to be frank, this may not be far from the truth. As a Southern Californian stuck in this kind of snow, I was put in a kind of youthful and jubilant state of glee (minus the shoveling, of course). Seeing as my mother hails from New England (where snowfall and flurries are almost as common as dropped R's and broadened A's) and my father spent part of his twenties in the mid-west (where he dealt with... well... winter the mid-west), they did not interpret this abundance of snowfall in the same youthful manner as I did. My parents quite often found me in fits of excitement as I reconnected with the past of my childhood visiting the Scott and Cira families in Big Bear and the occasional snowboarding weekend with friends during high school. This kind of snow fall also allowed my father and me to develop an endless list of new ways to toy with and torture our dog, Moh, including a test of her off-road capabilities in 4ft drifts of snow.


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